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Monday, February 23, 2009

EtsyInspired #25 ~ AngeLFood

My friend Tiffany, who makes amazing things with paper, inspired me to participate in some papercrafting challenges.  I am a great copier of ideas, but I have to stretch a little bit to create something original.  Challenges give me a great jumping off point for making something of my own.  Participating might be a new addiction!  I was so caught up in creating this card that I forgot to go to my yoga class.The EtsyInspired challenges give us inspiration from a vendor on etsy.  In this case, the heart shaped cookies from AngeLFood.  I drew directly from the color palette.  Even though it is still cold outside, I'm ready to start using spring colors.  I stipple stitched my background to mimic the icing on the green and pink cookie on the left.  And, I used Liquid Glass on the dots of my flower which felt much like piping icing.  

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  1. Love your blog! Your card is so sweet :) It definitely makes me "think spring"!


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